September 2015.


It has been a while since I put this page up, I'm glad to say that positive changes are coming.

During the Occupy Wall Street movement I was seeing and feeling

all these changes. The good and the mostly bad changes had been an influence on my own living conditions. Lets just say I was

interested in finding out what was going on, the internet had an amazing group of people coming from all manner of situations

to bring this OWS movement to those that were paying attention. I had given up on the 'media' a long time ago. They hadn't provided a descent source of news for a while. But these people were LiveStreaming from within a movement like we haven't seen since the sixties. And following a few certain LiveStreamers a clear picture of what it was and what it would become was pretty clear. From the inside, the front lines. Athough I was not in NYC and as it spread, to other cities that became aware of the movement, it

was clear, a lot of people had an understanding that their voices, their concerns were not being addressed.

The people marching are the people that do pay attention to whats going on, and they wanted to address the missing dialog about what happened and was happening - with the housing crisis. The Corporate media was not going to present in a journalistic form the truth about why these people were in the streets, why so many felt compelled to march for justice at what had happended in 2008.

They only confused and then spread misinformation and mostly did not cover OWS honestly.


That is the reason I put this page up, then maybe someone else might be able to get an Idea about the real issues

and not the distorted view presented by the corporate media. I am not an activist and have never marched or organized a march, I am

just an average guy interested in why the life of so many around me, weather they admit or not, why does it seem

that we are getting less for the work we do, though our productivity, our output is way more than could be measured against

past output. Technologies have presented us with amazing tools but yet we as a nation seem to be falling behind, at least those of us that are in the middle class. Actually I am not even in the middle class. though I should have been at this stage of my life.

And I refuse to beIieve that I didn't work hard enough.

Always working to barely make rent, unable to afford a down on a house. Never enough to have a savings account, with a single income raising a daughter. Money was always tight. An honest days work not enough to advance. Why?


So now we are here in 2015 getting ready to enter the 2016 Presidential election. Without getting into more of my own

situation. I know  others out there are feeling the effects of these changes, the discomfort. I want to put my support for

the one man that I believe would address these issues with honesty and bring about change.

Bernie Sanders! 2016

Bill Moyers will help you understand where and what all the mess

has sprung from, who designed the mess and how we got here.

Money! Lies! & Money! you lose. This is how we do it! - (to you)

Park Avenue: Money, Power & the American Dream - Poverty

Citizen Koch - Get to know how money influences who to do what.

Inside Job - All the details that lead us to 2008

"Trabalho Interno" - "Inside Job" (2010) from Inside job on Vimeo.

'Inside Job' provides a comprehensive analysis of the global financial crisis of 2008,

which at a cost over $20 trillion, caused millions of people to lose their jobs and homes

in the worst recession since the Great Depression, and nearly resulted in a global financial collapse.

Through exhaustive research and extensive interviews with key financial insiders,

politicians, journalists, and academics, the film traces the rise of a rogue industry

which has corrupted politics, regulation, and academia.

It was made on location in the United States, Iceland, England, France, Singapore, and China.

The Biggest Bank Heist Ever

Winner Take All Politics


"Forces beyond our control".


And you bought it, the mechanics of an American lie. The American dream Hijacked by the 1 percent.

Jacob Hacker & Paul Pierson on Winner Take All Politics from on Vimeo.

You ought to Know! ALEC


A Conversation with Lawrence Lessig and Chris Hedges - Democracy thru movements

The anniversary of the Citizens United decision and OWS


Bloomberg Forever - short film - Occupy The Movie

Distortion of OWS by Bloomberg and the rest of them.

You have the power.

Chris Hedges, No way in the US to vote against the banks.

NYPD keeping the peace by force.

The 99%

Democracy in action! Police vs Peaceful OWS protesters

Police actions the focus of Lawrence O'donnell


Films for Action

Which side are you on?

Middle class workers unite!



The discomfort that you and your neighbors are feeling more and more these days

is a result of legislation bought and passed by corporate lobbyists for the benefit of the 1%.


Please read this New York Times article for an overview of how we got here


Your savings Account is how big? Your 401k has lost how much? Does it matter?


The Legislators and Banksters had gone to far with greed and nearly destroyed

our economy and that of the world with the crash of 2008.


Although major corporations and the banks are seeing record profit$,

all while using the labor and infrastructure of the USA, they will pay little to no taxes.


They do spend money to convince you how clean and efficient they are. But why?


Money is spent on commercials and online ads that present to you a pretty 'corp' image,

an illusion that they are partners in your community-'building a better tommorow' for 'us'.


Do you buy it?

Apparently that's all it takes to convince your neighbors that everything is fine and they are our

partners in this economy.


We provide and allow you to use our products and services,

Our banks support your mortgage and small business owners,

We produce the cleanest of energys to run your homes and vehicles

( but don't ask us to support alternatives).

We bring you the lowest priced products.

We bring you amazing technological devices.


How about that tax liability, will they avoid it? Yes they will.

Do You avoid your taxes? no, because you can't.



You would think that a country that has within it's borders, some of the most profitable

corporations on the planet, that they could and will return on it's success. The fact that the US

is without a doubt a key piece of that success, the ability to produce perform and

and distribute amazing products and services. Without it's integration within this

great country their degree of success might not be.


They are partners in our community (USA) - they should pay taxes, and support our communities.



Record corporate profits over the stagnant

wages of the middle class these last thirty years is a telling tale.

The bottom wage earners and now the middle class segments are slipping into poverty

and will continue to unless we organize and change the direction of this democracy. With

most of the representation in Washington being paid by and for the 1%, our own

position is becoming less and less a concern for the Representatives in Washington D.C.


Except one Senator stands out,



One Senator calls it like it is, 'for the people' and not just the corporations. Is he the only one?



For the people and by the people, not the corporations.

Join US and help spread the word. Don't be misguided or mis-informed

by fear-mongers on cable television and on the radio. They only voice the agenda that is for the

banksters and for corporate gain$ at your expense.



Take a minute and get familiar by watching the videos that are posted here.

If you are honest and listen, you may find yourself agreeing with some of these people.

And you will have a more clear understanding about the issues we are all facing.

The financial burdens that have been placed upon the citizens by corporate greed.


You are a modern day slave of the corporate master state.


A little dramatic, but still a bit of truth in that statement, please continue to read.


The shame is not in sleeping in a park or marching in the street, it is in not seeking the truth.

Don't depend on the commercial for profit media to present the truth. Although you can find

unbiased journalists' that will provide bits of truth. A greater number are

only spreading misinformation and fear. In fact thats thier job and they are paid well to repeat

what has been assigned them, and not so much report.


They ignored the facts and or lied about the reasons that the protests against Wall Street were taking place.


They do mis-direct and they lie, mostly to an uninformed viewer that is

eager to believe anything. 'It's socialism' - those lazy people want hand outs - they don't work -

they will shit on your car - a bunch of flea bag hippies led by the kenyan born nazi President. He's

bent on destroying the country for an eventual take over as the supreme dictator.

This is what they consideer in-depth 'reporting' a lot of crazy sound bites, this is pretty much

what they presented during the wall street protests.


Yes the viewers and listeners will believe anything they shout out the TV and radio,

especially when it's wrapped up in 'patriotism' and god by the nice man/lady on the television.

It reminds me of Elia Kazans' A Face in the Crowd - Andy Grffith as Lonesome Rhodes and his selling of vitajex

and eventualy politicians to the general public. Only now they are selling out

our futures, neutering the middle class, our jobs, our social security.




They use performers dressed as 'news' people and feed the altered reality as they see fit.

Daily doses from television monitors and radio speakers -they repeat the paid for script, the same script

over and over again, day in day out.

Selling the viewer 'his position' and cementing his support for new legislation that is against his own interests.



New legislation paid for and passed by money, paving the way

for a powerful and eventual Corporatocracy with enough power, money, influence

to silence any and all that should question.


NYPD -1 Occupy Wall Street -0


Corporations are writing and paying washington to do its bidding,

passing legislation that mainly benefits the interests of the 1% as proved by Glass Steagall

and again with the Citizens United ruling.



We now know the catastrophic affects of the Glass Steagall act being repealed.

(Glass Steagall act) is legislation that had been protecting the interest of the public since the 1930s.

Repealing (Glass Steagall act) only liberated a reckless, unaccountable and bigger corporate banking system.

This new liberated banking system would nealy collapse at the expense of the citizens (taxpayers) like yourself.

The two examples above (Repealing Glass Steagall act and the Citizens United ruling)

are not Democracy in action, they are an assault on US (citizens) by the money of the 1% working K Street.

The love of money has currupted and blinded some powerful people within this country.





Think about this-

Together the U.S.A. is capable of -



Education for All.

Health Care for All.

Workers Rights for All.

Fair living wages for All.


Do Not Privatize Social Security. (another attempt by the 1% ongoing).


United We Stand Divided We Fall


The Corporate Media is the paid for voice of those that enslave and then distract you.





pass this page on to a friend


Stand in solidarity with US because big amounts of money is being spent

by the 1% against your interests!

Your life (as well your children) as a slave is being adjusted to benefit the 1%.


Not sure how we got here? Don't know much about legislation/bankster shenanigans

then put aside an hour (from your silly television sitcom) and watch the videos below.





Democracy in action!